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Broadway is dark tonight

December 17th, 2008

Okay, so Broadway is never really dark. It reminded me a lot of Seoul- neon lights everywhere and masses of people rushing about. Just a really cool, exciting area to be in.

Katya, Jenni and I at Times Square on Friday night.

The red stairs (which we’re sitting on in the above photo) on top of the ticket booth in the middle of the road are apparently fairly new and provide for a great view of Times Square.

In the spirit of doing everything stereotypical tourist-y (and because I love musical theater), I resolved to see a Broadway show. On Saturday, Jenni and I ventured down to the tkts booth under the red stairs in the hopes of scoring discounted tickets. Our show was playing at the Eugene O’Neil Theatre, which only seats 1108 (Several hundred less than the theaters that show Wicked and Lion King). Could we do it? Jenni prays.

An hour later, our toes were numb, but we were indeed the proud owners of two half-price orchestra seats for Spring Awakening! (Music by that guy who did Barely Breathing)

We spent the rest of the afternoon warming up by walking around Washington Square Park (the park with the arch from When Harry Met Sally and a dozen other movies) and the NYU area, then returned for the 8:00 show.

Hands-down incredible, incredible show. It’s won 8 Tonys and a handful of other awards- and for good reason. It’s a rock musical about teenage angst in 19th century Germany– though the description does it absolutely no justice (in the same way that saying Avenue Q is about a bunch of twentysomething puppets).

After the show, we walked down to the Stardust Diner. It’s famous for the singing waiters that prance. I got an apple streudel and wasn’t terribly impressed . Maybe worth it for the experience, but if you must go, get a (very overpriced) coffee and be done with it.

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