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I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep

December 17th, 2008

Sinatra had it right when he said that New York never sleeps; it’s one of those cities that has an energy about it that’s irresistible. And as I discovered in early December, there are few places in the world that can get you in the holiday spirit better than the Big Apple.

My favorite building in the city- none other than Rockefeller Center. There are photos of the tree out there that are heaps better than the ones I took, but I like this shot.

We walked a good portion of Fifth Ave, including (of course) all the the must-see shops and their decorations.

Lord & Taylor storefront (above) and one of the window displays (below). I haven’t previously been a big holiday person, but a few Christmases away from home (and the ebullience of Katya, who has never experienced Christmas American-style) have made a sentimentalist of me.

One of the greatest parts about being in NYC is just walking around everywhere and seeing the different architecture, neighborhoods, and people. For the latter, there’s arguably no place better than Central Park.

Skating at either rink at Central Park (below) and Rockefeller was $20+, with a wait of more than an hour. Somehow I was content with watching from the sidelines. (Katya was upset there wasn’t more fast, daredevil skating)

Okay, so we cheated and got a tour with one of the rickshaw drivers hanging along the edges of the park. It was cold! At any rate, ’twas well worth it.

Our driver (biker?) was from Tunisia and is moving to Chicago in a few months (and is so far the only man I’ve heard complain about the beauty of New York women). Super personable guy, though he was a bit daft and let Katya try to bicycle.

Final NYC shots: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, partially obscured by the soft, ethereal fog of… the food vendor right next to me.

And my favorite NY statue (located appropriately right by my favorite building)- Atlas, 1937.

Get it? If not, you’re obviously not as big a fan of Atlas Shrugged as I.

After bidding farewell to Jenni & Katya, I was on my way back to Iowa. Goodbye, New York!

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