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January 9th, 2009

Resolutions, goals, lofty aspirations– whatever you want to call them. Here are mine for 2009.

1. Be more aware of the world
Though I travel a decent amount, I’m only learning that I’m more and more ignorant of- well- everything. Today I subscribed to Foreign Affairs magazine to give myself a tangible link to the outside world and I’ll be more diligent about reading non-pulp BBC stories.
2. Read 100 books.
A repeat goal from last year, though I only made 72 then. I have a list of recommendations (mostly fiction) from friends, but I’d also specifically like to read:
-Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello
-Catcher in the Rye
-The Satanic Verses (and other by Rushdie)
-The Cellist of Sarajevo, The Book Thief, Kabul Beauty School– and other similar fic.
-More books by foreign authors
-More books on the topics of: globalization, women’s education, population control,  and other ed topics I can’t get enough of
3. Actively maintain 4.0 in grad school
I did well this past semester in my program, though I could have put more effort in. This semester I tackle two classes (as opposed to one and an independent study) and I want to be on top of readings and posting on Moodle to really get the most out of my degree (if not for the job market, then for resolution #1).
4. Lose 10 pounds
Because a weight-loss/health-gain goal is almost a requisite. Should be simple, right?
5. Write something
For as seldom as I write something non-blog, I really do enjoy writing. So my goal for the year is simple: write something tangible- even if it’s just a ridiculous short story.

It feels like it took a year to get this post up, phew. I also have a heavy emphasis on intellectual-type things, but “continue budgeting money, maintain my friendships/relationship/familyships, and continue being awesome at work” are all undeclared resolutions, because they’re more maintenance-related than New Resolution! type deals.

In Unrelated News That Makes Me Happy: Read me. It’s really about time.

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