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October 9th, 2009

Happy birthday to me! (and you too, Scott Bakula) In honor of my 24 years, here’s a few highlights from last year and 24 aspirations for the year ahead.

> Went skydiving for the first time!
> Visited two new countries (Peru, Ireland) and Russia again.
>  Hit up a few new states. New York in December to see Katya; Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas on the road trip to the Texas wedding.
> Celebrated two years of hanging out with a pretty cool guy.
> Ran my first 5K and feel great about my body.

1. Finish my masters program and get my EdM.
2. Watch all (24) seasons of Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager)
3. Visit at least one new country (Turkey is currently on my schedule for my last grad school class).
4. Run another 5K (and maybe a 10K?)
5. Visit at least one new state (besides Colorado, which I will get to in less than two weeks ;) )
6. Gain beginner level (how are you? i like puppies) fluency in another language.
7. Read 24 fiction and 24 nonfiction books.
8. Make enough money to be able to support my (admittedly occasionally sweet) lifestyle without a PT job.
9. Have 5% of my yearly income in savings (between school payments old and new, car payments, and not having a summer income, I’d say this is a high-end hope as is)
10. Go to an NFL and an NBA game.
11. Maintain the weight loss I’ve achieved since May.
12. Watch Season 8 of 24!
13. Get to Russia again in 2010. (I’ve been at least once a year since 2005- can’t slack now!)
14. Make it to the end of Year 3 with LB.
15. Beat Super Mario Galaxy.
16. Take a different friend out for dinner/drinks/coffee once a month.
17. See every movie nominated for Best Picture in the Academy Awards (preferably before the show).
18. Go to California. Last year, I hit up NYC and earned some ‘real American’ credibility. I’ve gotta get out to LA to do the same. Plus, I’ve got friends there now to visit :)
19. Write in my journal or blog at least once a week.
20. See at least one friend from far away (Russia, Korea, etc)
21. Prepare an ethnically-inspired meal once a month (pelmeni, sushi, curry, etc.)
22. Listen to an album by someone I’m not familiar with once every two weeks.
23. Have a Skype date in Russian at least monthly.
24. Make it to 25!


  1. Barb says

    Love your list!
    Understood all of them except #14.

    Keep me posted on your literary choices.

    October 13th, 2009 | #

  2. BigUncle Joe says

    WOW-very proud of you!!! Keep up going for dreams and living life. YOur blog is very impressive and you have become a very beautiful young woman. Keep it up and best wishes.
    Love Ya

    October 26th, 2009 | #

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