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November 13th, 2009

I’ve been slacking on my updates, so be prepared for a slew of photo-jammed blog posts today. :) A few weeks ago, one of my sorority sisters (and, incidentally, closest friends) decided to throw in the towel tie the knot. I was naturally excited for her, but was also excited to cross another state off my list (I’ve got 35/50 now!). What I didn’t take into account was that to get to the beautiful state of Colorado, I’d need to drive through a state I’d hoped never to visit again.


That’s right- it’s Nebraska. Endless hours of unbelievably deserted flatland and (lucky us!) grey skies. Brandon’s not afraid to show how he really feels.


Fortunately, on the way out to Colorado, we had this to look forward to.


As well as the lovely bride-to-be herself, Erinn. Double perk: she greeted us with homemade mac n’ cheese and Cosmopolitans.  The day after we arrived, we plunged straight into bachelorette party fun.


Erinn’s sister Katy was the MOH and did a fantastic job arranging things for the party. Exhibit A: In college, our sorority invented the Mr. Brightside drink (a mix of Malibu, pineapple juice and cream soda). Katy duplicated the drink in shot form.


One shot down and we’re ready to hit the town of Boulder. I opted to bring the sparkle.


We started with dinner (and margaritas- ole!) at Rio Grande, where Piell, Kate and I made the wise choice of Mahi-Mahi tacos with mango salsa. Ohm nom nom.


The off for a pub crawl on Pearl Street! Starting (and spending a lot time) with the Walrus.


Though Erinn was obviously the queen of the evening (see the crown?), I think we all looked pretty smashing.


Crawling on, Piell and Kate play the reenactment game.

Boulder, CO 2009:


Mt Vernon, IA 2005:


And throw in a little Dr. Horrible “plus, there are kids in that park, so…”


And then we walked into a mountain. Or, you know, this really tall guy.


Speaking of reenactments, my family can attest to the fact that when I was young I would reenact the “Part of Your World” scene from Little Mermaid where Ariel thrusts herself up on this giant rock (though typically my version involved the end of our living room couch). That whole ‘birds of a feather flock together’ thing must apply to sorority sisters, because, well…


The final bar we visited (Juanita’s) had stopped serving food, so we couldn’t sing for our supper. Listening to the video of our karaoke experience though, this was probably a good thing.


And the theme song of the week was born.


Mahi-mahi tacos aside, this was both Erinn’s wedding week and the (unofficial) Week of Eating. Kate munches on some M&Ms (while we get pedicures for our bridesmaids’ gift)…


Followed by delicious wraps, fruit, brie, and munches at Erinn’s mom’s loft…


and Erinn’s dress/veil- which are about to devour me.


Friday night, it was time to eat even more at the rehearsal dinner. But first, we had to take care of business and rehearse!


Here’s a teaser shot of the church, the Assumption of the Theotokos cathedral in Denver.


Alright, back to Denver to eat! The rehearsal dinner was at the Med in Boulder (Trying to remember the name, I Googled “Mediterranean Restaurant Boulder” and promptly felt like a jerk). I took a few cute photos before we all gorged ourselves beyond reason.




A few hours of tapas, olive bread, salmon, and wine later, we thought we were done. Then the waiters brought out… the dessert tray. Yeah, I may have snuck in a creme brulee on top of everything else I’d eaten already.


The adorable couple gave mild tear-inducing speeches and were otherwise totally in love and ready for the next day’s adventure. Next up, dum-dum-deh-dum, Greek-style!


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  1. Barb says

    Uncle Don said the exact same thing about the travel even before he read your description of the car ride!!! Both for Nebraska and Colorado!
    Sounds like a wonderful wedding weekend!
    LOVED the pictures although I would have liked to have seen you and bride…
    and what is up with the forehead kiss???
    Seems like you have one of those every so often!

    LOVE YOU!!!

    November 14th, 2009 | #

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