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April 2nd, 2010

So, it’s been a while. Thought it’s not like I haven’t been busy (I recently relocated to Houston and started a new job!), I haven’t been that busy. What’s the deal with my lack of blogging? Well, despite a number of emails and gentle phone calls from my aunt and mother, avid readers, I’ve just been plain lazy.

In my attempt to jump back into things, I thought I’d draw inspiration from two lady bloggers I envy. Over at Here’s Looking at Shoes, Cara posts regularly (daily?) updates on, well, shoes and jackets and fashions and frocks and trends and.. I’ll never be as stylish as Ms. Ballard (seriously, check out these shoes, this simple-cute look or this bright and cheery dress), so I thought I’d stick with something more my speed.

Cue Jonesin’ For… (c/o Jessica Jones- more proof that Russian majors can be useful to society, not to mention witty with titles). Now I consider myself a decent cook, but whenever JJ posts something, I secretly worry that my boyfriend might leave me for her her chocolate stout cupcakes w/ Bailey’s cream cheese icing. Of course that thought only lasts a millisecond before I can’t focus on anything but salivating.

While I promise (swear!) that a post with new apartment pics, jobtalk, etc. is coming, sometimes baby steps are the way to go.  Today, Jess posted this killer recipe for fennel & apple salad and my craving for prosciutto finally convinced me I could blog again. Next week (Mon-Sat), I’m going to make at least one JJ special and do a little write-up about it (perhaps even incorporating some of those aforementioned details about my new life). I’ve got an empty fridge, a new paycheck, and a whole bunch of inspiration, so давай!

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  1. Jessica Jones says

    Awww thanks for the kind words! And I can’t wait for you to try that salad – it is to DIE for!

    April 2nd, 2010 | #

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