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We’ve got some kitchen’ up to do.

April 8th, 2010

I moved to Houston for work about three weeks ago. My stuff followed me about a week later and payday was just this past Friday. Both of those proved to be good enough reasons for me to explore Houston’s “dining out” scene. (It’s impressive, folks. More to come on that.) But now, money in the bank and pots & pans in cabinets, I’m ready to start being an adult again.


My refrigerator is pleased to have things besides leftovers to house. A trip to Houston Farmers Market got me some local chicken, goat feta (, veggies and eggs, while a venture to ye old H.E.B. got me the essential mustard, Greek yogurt and Russian(!) beer. My pantry joins the celebration and welcomes some of the basics.


After my first-ever Spin class tonight, I decided I needed to get back down to business and take care of myself at home too. Enter Chicken Gyros with Homemade Tsatsiki (I swear, I checked the spelling on “tsatsiki” a million times.). A little more time-consuming when the chicken isn’t cooked already, but totally worth the wait. I substituted whole wheat pitas for whole wheat sandwich thins, put the tsatsiki underneath and added some goat feta (did I mention Voila! Taste explosion!


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