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Cat-ching up.

May 2nd, 2010

Continuing the bad pun from the last blog, may I proudly introduce my newest love. Meet Anya.


Oh hi there. Anya is a beautiful calico that I adopted from the shelter. She’s between 1-3 years old and, as a polydactyl (6 fingers on her front paws; 5 on the back) is a bit of a freak. An adorable one, at that. :)


Likes: Snuggles; naps; bird-watching [also: water; greeting me when I get home from work; laser pointers]


Seriously, though, she’s so much fun. Incredibly affectionate (it’s tricky to take photos when she’s constantly trying to hop up and cuddle) and playful without being (too) schizophrenic.


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