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Memorable Memorial

June 4th, 2010

After scoring a cheap flight thanks to Bing’s travel predictor/alerts (check it out, seriously!), I spent my Memorial Day weekend in Colorado with two of my favorite ladies. First order of business? Toe-tally obvious: pedicures at Ten20 (which offers free Diet Cokes, M&Ms-though not of the pretzel variety, comfy chairs and girly shows. And the results are bright- but don’t get too attached to Erinn’s too-cute sandals; it’s a one-of-a-kind pair handmade in Tanzania. Piell opted for purple and I went with fuchsia.


Pretty enough for a night on the town, we had some amazing mahi mahi tacos & margaritas at the Rio Grande in Boulder. Sadly, the scene was lacking thanks to CU being out for the summer, but we were simply smashing, no?


We also spent a fair amount of time with this adorable creature- Erinn’s floppy Patrick.


But this visit wasn’t all fun and games- I had serious business to do, in the form of this little 10K known as the Bolder Boulder. Erinn and I, along with 50,000 of our closest friends, decided to wake up early on the holiday and run around town. We made the mistake of stopping at Target for socks… and I ended up with a mostly new (coordinated!) outfit for the race.


The shoes were old (and in serious need of replacement) and happened to match the teal-blue of the day. I was skeptical of running tights, but turns out they were a Great Decision- I didn’t feel overly disgusting/overheated at all.


Erinn before the race. She finished in 1:04:14.30- rock on! [For the metrically-impaired and Google-lazy, 10K is 6.2 miles],


I decided to take it a little slower and strolled in behind her at 1:04:33.21 (average 10:23/mile). Maybe I’ll blame the 19 second time difference on the fact that I slowed down at Mile 2 to inhale the smell of the bacon some jerks decided to make. :)

I knew the BB was big, but I had no idea it was really, honestly huge. Perspective: I came in as runner 20,301 and that put me almost in the top third of female runners. Along the race route, there were dancers, musicians, parties, random giveaways (the aforementioned bacon, Doritos, beer, donuts, marshmallows, tater tots) and I passed/was passed by a fair number of people in costume (I kept pace with a pair of guys dressed in bird costumes- wings and all). Compared to my two 5Ks, which had a couple hundred participants apiece, this was a major change (and a total blast).

The end of the race is at Folsom Field (also, incidentally, where Erinn had her wedding reception!)- you come into the stadium and run part of the track to the finish line. The stadium is packed with runners and spectators (including our cheerleaders- Erinn’s husband & father and Piell!) and the energy just sweeps you through the last tenth of a mile.


I can’t even put into words how amazing it felt to finish the race (Erinn & I talked it up enough that Piell is set to run next year, pending a healed knee). Almost exactly a year ago, I started running as part of my get-in-shape plan- if you’d told me then that I’d enjoy running- and be finishing the Bolder Boulder the next year (fast enough to qualify for a restricted wave in 2011!), I might’ve broken something laughing. But after my first 5K in Iowa (38:45) and my second in Texas (30:30), I can confidently say that I now can’t imagine stopping. :)


We finished off Memorial Day with a barbecue and more old friends- all said, a really wonderful long weekend.


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