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July 4th, 2010

I am officially a Master (of Education)! I finished my program through University of Illinois at the end of May and- while I love school- am glad to be done.

To congratulate me, my wonderful aunt & uncle sent me a package with some shirts from Kohl’s and some funds to cover a purchase I’ve needed to make for a long time: new running shoes. To put things in perspective, I bought my first running shoes when I started back in…. June 2009. Since then, I’ve run fairly regularly in all types of weather- including two 5Ks and the BolderBoulder. Those shoes were a relative splurge for me, but nothing fancy- a solid pair of Asics that helped me enjoy every mile. :)

Now that I love running and have upped my mileage (though with the Houston summer, it’s more treadmill mileage than anything else), I decided to go to an actual running store and try on a few brands. I sampled some New Balance, Nike, Adidas… but ended up returning to good old Asics.

Here they are- my shiny, lovely Asics GEL-Kayano 16s!

I’ve run with them a few times now and am still adjusting, but having shoes with traction again is great. :)

As for the shirts, sadly they weren’t the right fit and my local Kohl’s didn’t have the right sizes, so I used the store credit to pick up a few necessary camis, socks, and (in keeping with the shoe theme) a pair of gladiator sandals. I’d been inspired by the pair Cara blogged about and got a fairly similar pair. Success all around- thanks Barb & Don!

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  1. Barb says

    You are too funny!
    Gosh didn’t need a whole blog about your gifts sweetie…
    just would like to know if you are alive and happy…

    A phone call would do too!

    Say hello to Brandon!
    Love you lots!

    July 4th, 2010 | #

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